Estimated Weekly Savings with Soft Water

Shopping Items Estimated Weekly Spend % Saved You could Save
Input your spend here With Soft Water With Soft Water

Washing Powder/Detergreants: 50%
Fabric Softener: 50%
Shampoo/Conditioners: 50%
Shower Gel/Bath Gel: 50%
Razor Blades: 50%
Floor Cleaners: 50%
Washing Up Liquid: 50%
Bathroom/Kitchen Cleaning Product: 50%
Dishwasher Salt: 100%
Calgon: 100%
General Scale Removers: 100%
Jug Filters: 100%
Bottled Water: 100%
Kettle Desscalers: 100%

Total Weekly Savings

Heating & ESB Water Heating Bills: 10%
Appliances & Plumbing Protection: 10%

Additional Savings

Total Weekly Savings Potential
Total Annual Savings Potential
In 15 Years you could save